I just finished setting up and giving my talk at UCLA’s first annual intermural game lab carnival. We had about a hundred participants show up and over a dozen presentations of some spectacular projects. The game room for intermissions was hugely popular including Messhof’s IGF award winning Nidhogg and Eric Parren’s Bangman S&M Euro Rave hangman game.

Thanks everyone who showed up!

Okay, It’s not really top secret, but I won’t say anymore about it here. Come to the Game Lab Carnival to find out more :) .


Untitled from UCLA Game Lab on Vimeo.

Scott Stoddard Lecture

May 19, 2011

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I’m just trying to get some content up right now and get a feel for this whole blogging process which I’m sadly unfamiliar with (what with all that programming who has time to blog). But hey, this is cool info. My hero Scott Stoddard who made Robot Unicorn Attack came over and lectured through the UCLA Game Lab. He had a lot to say about the design process of RUA. He did an in depth analysis using flow theory of Adam Atomic’s Cannabalt and talked about how he made changed some of the mechanics to make RUA fit more into the model of flow theory. It’s real interesting and I already find myself conciously applying some things I learned from Scott.


Scott Stoddard @ UCLA

Added Otto’s (potentially fantastic) facebook and twitter connect plugins to this wordpress blog. Lets see if they live up to their ratings.

Seems like this plugin will take some extra work to actually get stuff posted. Maybe I just don’t have the settings right.

Overall, pretty easy to set up though. I’m pretending like I’m totally stupid about internet stuff here and just clicked on the obvious things and it seems to work.

In other news, apparently there is a mouse somewhere in my apartment. I want to see it.

Please bear with us for a little bit as we set up this blog :) . In the meantime, read some bear comicsĀ http://bear.deleterian.com/